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| Nine Studio Apartments and Two Houses | Sandwell

"The Local Authority was willing to consider a more adventurous scheme..."


The land was previously the site of a public house and was on the corner of a road junction. To the east was an existing elderly persons’ home and to the north ran a canal.


Our brief was provide a mix of studio apartments and two-bedroomed houses in such a way as to maximise the site’s value. It quickly became clear that there would be a conflict between the floor space required by the client and the amount of amenity space and car-parking space that would result - it simply didn’t fit!

Our first designs for this project were somewhat conservative and predictable and resulted in a mixed two- and three-storey brick building. Our good relations with the Local Authority’s Urban Design department meant that the council was willing to consider a more adventurous scheme and the end result is shown above.

The solution to the conflicting demands for space on the site and in the buildings was to design the houses with Roof Gardens.

This meant that the requirement for garden space at ground level was reduced and the extra space thus gained could be used for the provision of parking spaces for additional apartments which could now extend to three storeys from two.

The client achieved maximum land value and the council’s planning department were pleased with the scheme as well. Throughout the design process the ability to view the project as a 3D Building Information Model meant that it was easy to collaborate with the planning department.

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