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‘St. Mark’s Place, Tipton | Nine New Dwellings | Devan Homes Ltd

"...a perfect illustration of the Virtechs' ability to combine ‘Virtual Word Expertise and Real World Experience’..."


Devan Homes is a house-building company based in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. It specialises in remediating ‘difficult’ sites and has a well-deserved reputation for providing generous accommodation in its designs.

The company often works closely with local Housing Associations to provide much-needed new homes for the less well-off.


‘St. Mark’s Place’ is a development of eight terraced houses together with a single apartment above the access drive to the parking at the rear.


To create a digital 3D model to enable the production of sales brochure material such as plans, elevations, visualisations and ‘BIMx’ files.

The client originally commissioned us to prepare a 3D digital model of their scheme purely as the basis of the sales material.

Suffice to say that we ended up redesigning virtually the entire project!

"Make It Buildable, Make It Bigger, Make It Better"

The client had provided us with the traditional 2D drawings and documents which they had used to obtain planning permission. By this time, work had already commenced on clearing and preparing the site.

Whilst converting the 2D drawings to a 3D model, it very quickly became clear that there were some coordination issues which meant that not only were the plans and elevations uncoordinated but it would also not have been possible to build the scheme in accordance with the planning permission.

The client asked if we could resolve the issues and consequently we began amending the external envelope to make it compliant with the planning permission.

Having resolved the problems with the exterior, we remarked to the client that we felt the internal layouts were not making best use of the space available. With more than thirty years’ experience in residential design we felt that, given the opportunity, we could make the rooms bigger and more attractive whilst at the same time eliminating ‘wasted’ circulation space.

The client gave us the go-ahead and asked, while we were at it, if we could improve the gardens too by making them bigger! This was achieved by making the communal parking area more efficient.

The result was a bigger building, with larger rooms, extended rear gardens and a full set of fully co-ordinated construction documents and schedules.

Oh - and we also produced the sales material too!

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